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Projector lamps have been developed in close cooperation between the world’s leading lighting technology companies and the projector manufacturers, matching lamp design to driver electronics and optics to ensure the optimum projected image, reliability and lamp life.

The manufacturing process is complex and tightly quality controlled to ensure user safety when the lamp is in operation.  The lamp itself is a complex mix of chemicals, including mercury, and precision electronics packaged into a sealed glass bulb. The unit is expected to operate at above 8000k (hotter than the surface of the sun) and to withstand high pressure, in excess of 200 bar.

There are seven original lamp manufacturers: Philips, Osram, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki, Matsushita and Epson. These companies hold the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to projector lamp technology.

Lamps are generally supplied as complete modules, comprising a lamp (bulb) and a cage specific to a brand & model of projector:

A complete module is intended to be user-replaceable and no advanced technical knowledge is required. A few manufacturers offer a replacement lamp (bulb) only but you will need a degree of technical expertise to replace it and without those skills it is not recommended.

With a worldwide replacement lamp market being worth around US$1billion per year, copy manufacturers (largely from SE Asia) have created copies of many original lamps and sell them into the replacement market as “compatible” “suitable for” or “alternative” lamps.  Click here for more information on the dangers of copy / compatible lamps.

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